11 Mashinostroiteley str.
Ekaterinburg, 620012
e-mail: mail@rsvpu.ru


RSVPU has the honorable status of a Russian state university. It is the only university in Russia which has such a status outside Moscow and St. Petersburg. RSVPU enrolls over 20 000 undergraduate and graduate students from Russia and CIS countries. RSVPU provides the ground for 11 leading Russian research schools and 7 research and education centers. RSVPU has 18 representative and branch offices in the Russian Federation.

The main areas of training are pedagogy, electrical power engineering and electrical technology, information systems, economics, management, business, sociology, psychology and design.

Research and development at RSVPU generates new learning solutions for vocational education institutions and universities. RSVPU offers top-quality education of teachers and managers of vocational education. With an enduring dedication to the pursuit of excellence, RSVPU offers unparalleled student experiences across a broad spectrum of academic environments.

At the end of the 70s RSVPU (at that moment – Sverdlovsk Engineering Pedagogical Institute) was established as an institution of higher professional education to train vocational teachers for the systems of initial and secondary vocational education. The university offers a breakthrough idea in education – graduates become not only qualified vocational teachers but they also acquire a high skill category as workers. Today RSVPU’s graduates of the vocational teacher training program may be occupied both as teachers and as workers in a certain vocation. This fact significantly provides for the enhanced opportunity of professional fulfillment of our graduates and allows them to be flexible and prompt in response to the actual needs of the economy.