11 Mashinostroiteley str.
Ekaterinburg, 620012
e-mail: mail@rsvpu.ru

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About the university

Russian state vocational-pedagogical university (RSVPU) is a federal state autonomous educational institution of higher education in Yekaterinburg, which includes institutes, a college, a branch in Nizhny Tagil and representations in several cities of Russian Federation.

Address: 620012, Sverdlovsk oblast, Yekaterinburg, Mashinostroiteley Street, 11

Acting Rector: Dubitsky Valery Vasilyevich, doctor of Social Sciences, Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Professor.

Notes about the founder

The University was founded by Russian Federation.

Functions and competencies of a founder are realized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Russian Federation.

Information about the founder:

Address: Russia, 125993, Moscow, Tverskaya Street, 11.

Web-page: minobrnauki.gov.ru

E-mail: info@minobrnauki.gov.ru;

Phone number: +7 (495) 547-13-16; +7 (495) 547-13-11

Working hours: 9.00-18.00, Mon-Fri.

Brief history of the university:

1979. Russian state vocational-pedagogical university starts functioning as Sverdlovsk engineering-pedagogical institute (SEPI).

1993. SEPI was reformed into Ural state vocational-pedagogical university (USVPU).

2001. USVPU was reformed into Russian state vocational-pedagogical university. Thus, the university became the first and the only one not located in Moscow or Saint Petersburg having the honourable title ‘Russian’.

2009. RSVPU became one of the first Russian universities to get a name of autonomous educational institution of higher education.

2016. The 50th thousand student graduates RSVPU.



2013-2021 – Dorozhkin Evgeniy Mikhailovich, Ph.D in Pedagogic, professor, a member of International Teachers Training Academy of Science.

1992-2013 – Romantsev Gennadiy Mikhailovich, Ph.D in Pedagogic, professor, member of Russian Academy of Education.

1985-1992 – Tkachenko Evgeniy Viktorovich, Ph.D in Pedagogic, professor, member of Russian Academy of Education.

1978-1986. Vasiliy Vasilyevich Blukher, Candidate of Technical Sciences, professor.