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Dear alumni!

Department of assistance to the job placement of alumni

All of you graduated in a different time, some a year ago, and other 30 years ago. However, each of you certainly remembers student years as the brightest and the most unforgettable moments of your life.

During the years of studying, you have passed a great way from inexperienced freshmen to independent people. You’ve got here your professional knowledge and skills, found faithful friends, and probably met your love. Looking back, you can certainty say that university helped you to see the world in a new look and feel yourself grown-up. You will always remember your own university with pleasure, because your youth began there, and with a light sadness, as it would never repeat.

In the whole world universities owe their power not as much to the support of the government as to the support of alumni. Annual meetings of alumni are real festivals of unity and belonging to the university’s fate.

We offer to create the RSVPU alumni-association. We do believe that by uniting our alumni we would be able to help everyone in reaching their goals and building a successful career, and by creating firm and friendly alumni-association to straighten the image of RSVPU as contemporary and leading vocational pedagogical university of Russia.

The alumni-association is your opportunity to endow in development of the university and business cluster, which allows graduates of different years find partners for their business, solve stuff problems, overcome difficulties together.

The mission of the association is to promote the realization of your most ambitious projects and increase of your personal achievements.

Together we have to create new traditions ant to strengthen the system of mutually beneficial partnership of the university and the alumni-association.

The doors of the alma mater are always opened for you. We wish you good luck and invite to collaboration.