11 Mashinostroiteley str.
Ekaterinburg, 620012
e-mail: mail@rsvpu.ru

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Centre of psychological-pedagogical maintenance of inclusive education

Room: 2-436

The head of the centre is Vereschyagina Kristina Olegovna.


e-mail: kristina.vereschagina@rsvpu.ru


Specialist of the education centre is Kholopova  Ekaterina Sergeevna.


e-mail: centr.inclusiveducation@gmail.com


Main goal is psychological-pedagogical maintenance of the process of inclusive studying of students with disabilities.


Strategic objectives are:

  • to realize systematic approach in maintenance of professional education of disabled people;
  • to take part in creating appropriate conditions of realizing inclusive education;
  • psychological-pedagogical maintenance of inclusive education.


The main functions are:

  • taking part in developing a proper area of studies in RSVPU;
  • taking part in developing a system of professional orientation and pre-university education of disabled people;
  • an adaptation of studying process for disabled people;
  • a realization of system of events for psychological-pedagogical maintenance of disabled students;
  • an analysis on the results of the work of the centre;
  • a preparation of developing new local acts, changing the existing ones or cancelling the ones not actual enough, regulating the process of studying of students with disabilities in RSVPU.

Consultations are held for:

  • people with disabilities and their legal representatives;
  • universities’ staff;
  • educational organizations’ staff;
  • representatives of social organizations connected with people with disabilities;
  • other interested parti es.