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About RSVPU - History

1978-1986 – RSVPU is a center of the new national system of human resources development


1978 – Grand opening

  • On June 2nd 1978, Sverdlovsk Engineering Pedagogical Institute (SEPI) was founded by State Committee for vocational education of the USSR. SEPI was founded as independent branch of higher vocational education. Moreover, the main goal of the institute was the development of professional skills of masters of vocational training, acquisition of world’s culture values and professional mobility basics for them. Readiness of future graduates to work in primary, secondary and higher education has become the reason for selecting Sverdlovsk region as a headquarter for founding the university.
  • Vasily Blucher (cavalier of three orders of the Red Banner of Labour and order of People’s Friendship) was elected as the first rector of SEPI.


1979-1983First steps

  • During the 1979-year faculty of SEPI were creating training facilities and methodological support of education processes, so after such a hard work first 300 students were enrolled. Boris Yeltsin - the first secretary of the Sverdlovsk Regional Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union congratulated students and faculty of SEPI with the start date of education.
  • Main goals of faculty in 1980’s were organization of the educational process for second and third courses, expansion of university infrastructure, establishment of new divisions and departments. As a result, evening and correspondence branches of higher education were organized.
  • September 1981, there are 1500 students of thirteen nationalities, that’s why SEPI was called All-Union University. This title describes not student’s nationality, but tells all the Soviet Union that SEPI became truly pioneer of vocational education. During 1981 second generation of the curriculum and comprehensive system of quality management for vocational education was introduced.
  • Students of SEPI always enthusiastically participated public lif    e of Sverdlovsk. On May 1982, grand spring festival “Vesna Truda” take place at university. Not only students and faculty of SEPI were among the participants, working youth also join this festival.


1984-1986Leap into the future

  • On February 1984, held graduation for the first set of students, 232 young professionals received their diplomas, including 20 honors degrees. Furthermore this year during XIV Olympic Games in Saraevo I. Malkov student of SEPI take a gold medal for ice skating.
  • During 1985 the total number of students of full-time and correspondence courses increased to 3,900 people, the number of students specialization reached to eight. Third generation of the curriculum with unified and variable components was introduced. In completion, new rector Evgeny Tkachenko (Professor, Doctor of Chemistry) was elected. New rector take course for raising quality of all university activities. In the main areas such as postgraduate studies, organization of Dissertation Board, international relations, computerization of education processes and improving university level in system of vocational education were selected.


1987-1992 – RSVPU is the leader of vocational education development in Russia


1987-1992 – Growing strong

  • During 1987, Teaching Union of engineering-pedagogical universities of USSR was organized by SEPI initiative. SEPI was appointed as a basic university of Teaching Union.
  • For participation in Moscow trade show at All-Russian Exhibition Center of USSR SEPI was awarded in the category of «Scientific and technical progress and the training of skilled workers in the Sverdlovsk regionS with diploma of the third degree.
  • In 1992, rector of SEPI Evgeny Tkachenko was appointed First Deputy Minister and then Minister of Education of the Russian Federation by the Federal Government.
  • Since 1984, the total output of the students was 1801 people.



1993-2000 – RSVPU is the leader of public policy for human resources development


1993-2000 – New Horizons

  • On December 15nd 1993, SEPI was renamed into Ural State Vocational Pedagogical University by the Federal Government. Obtaining status of university figures the merit of our university in preparation of professionals. This year on an alternative basis for the first time, Gennady Romantsev was elected as rector of the university. Moreover, in 1993 a doctorate in 6 directions was opened, so with this formation of a vertical continuous vocation education ended.
  • During 1994-2000, university takes a course to expand the number of educational programs implemented. The total number of specialties has increased from 8 in 1993 to 29 in early 2000.
  • 1999 was marked by 20th anniversary of university and a significant expansion of geography, actually from Kemerovo to Togliatti, from Khanty Mansiysk Autonomous Region to the Kabardino-Balkar Republic. Significantly increased the number of students - 11 thousand. University took 3rd place in the ranking of more than 100 pedagogical universities in Russia.


2001-2013 – First University with status “Russian” focused to strengthen preparation of high-skill workers.



  • On November 27th 2001, by the Ministry of Education of Russia USVPU was renamed into State Educational Institution of Higher Education and became Russian State Vocational Pedagogical University. Among the more than 400 higher education institutions in Russia RSVPU was the thirteenth in the country and the first outside of Moscow and St. Petersburg University, which was awarded with the title "Russian".
  • According to estimates of 2005, University consists of 12 institutions, directions for doctoral and graduate, 6 branches, 21 representative offices. 17 000 students takes place in education processes in RSVPU; competition for entry is seven people for place. During 2005 History museum of the RSVPU was established
  • In 2009, RSVPU became the first Russian university, received autonomous status, the corresponding order was signed by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.
  • In 2011 RSVPU take 1st place among all Russian pedagogical universities. RSVPU ahead State University of Russia named after A.I.Herzen and Moscow Pedagogical University
  • In 2013 Evgeny Dorozhkin (Professor, Doctor of Pedagogy) was elected as new rector of RSVPU.