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RSVPU became a member of the international association IGIP.


IGIP - International Society for Engineering Education (www.igip.com) – is one of the authoritative international organizations in the sphere of higher technical education.

The IGIP aim is advance of scientific methods of teaching technical disciplines. Today IGIP has a unique register of engineering pedagogues, each of which has a level according to the IGIP demands.

On 7th March 2014 RSVPU was officially included into the list of institutions of higher education accredited by IGIP.

Also within the accreditation the following RSVPU employees were included in the international register of engineering pedagogues:

  1. Dorozhkin Evgeny.
  2. Kopnov Vitaly. 
  3. Telmanova Elena. 
  4. Guzanov Boris.


The IGIP accreditation of our institution on the program Engineering Pedagogy Course gives us a unique on the territory of Ural Federal District opportunity to realize re-training of engineering pedagogical personnel. In conditions of lack of staff in the Ural institutions of higher education carrying out the re-training course of engineering pedagogic personnel in particular promises to become relevant educational service.

It is worth noticing the significance of the course for those who will study. To the substantial side of the course carried out in RSVPU first of all is related the problematic of the name – “Training of pedagogue of engineering institution”.

The basic lines of work within the course:

  • Tasks and problems of engineering education in Russia for the new economics; 
  • Educational and professional standards, formation of engineers’ competences; 
  • Ways of increasing quality of vocational, pedagogical and scientific work of scientific pedagogical staff of higher technical school; 
  • Integration of science, business, and production with the vocational education in conditions of higher technical education; 
  • Increase of engineering personnel qualification as a condition of sustainable economic development.


Key competences the course listener gets:

  • Theoretical and practical aspects of engineering pedagogy; 
  • Methodology of carrying out laboratory works; 
  • Working skills in educational projects; 
  • Opportunity to carry out distance training.