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Work with foreign students

The work with foreign students is realized to provide them with the legal stay on the territory of Russian Federation. The work is realized with the students from near and far abroad countries, who study in all the institutes of RSVPU.


According to legislation, foreign citizens who came to Russia on the purpose of getting education should make a registration in appropriate agency within three days.


For getting/extension of the registration you should provide the following:

National passport Migratory card with the date and check-point of the entering Enrolment order or the next course shift order (for extension of the registration) Certificate from the dean’s office that you are a student of RSVPU Document, confirming that you live on the address on which the registration is made:

- in case you rent an apartment – written statement (form of the statement you can get from us) and a copy of the passport  (first page and registration) of the floor space owner;

- in case you are the owner – the documents, confirming your ownership.


* depending on Federal Migratory Department demands the list of necessary documents can change

** according to the set rules, the offence of regime of foreign citizen’s stay on the territory of Russian Federation can be sanctioned right up to sending down from the institution of higher education and following expulsion from the country.


Foreign students of ALL the institutes of our university! Do not neglect your right of timely and official registration. We are waiting for you!