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Ekaterinburg, 620012
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RSVPU is the leader of anticipatory development of vocational pedagogical education in Russia.

RSVPU mission consists in surpassing assurance of Russian economy and labor-market demands by pedagogues of vocational education. RSVPU  designes and develops ing  theoretical and methodological bases as well as applied achievements of the vocational  educational system of Russian Federation.  of vocational, forming and spreading advanced experience of training career-oriented potential, corresponding to social and economic development prospects of the country.


The university mission, its opportunities and challenges of the epoch put in front of the university faculty the following strategy goals:

1. Development of scientific, theoretical and methodological,  career-oriented quality assurance of Russian vocational pedagogical education.

2. Securing of adequacy of processes and results of vocational pedagogical education to development prospects of Russian vocational education, society and economy.

3. Achievement of RSVPU social and national recognition as strategically significant unique institutional factor of Russia’s development, which guarantees constant quality increase of scientific, methodological, methodical, and career-oriented securing of national vocational pedagogical education system.