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Museum of RSVPU

The museum of RSVPU exists for long enough: since the time it had become clear that university trained worthy specialists, and occupied an important position in the structure of vocational education not only of the city, but also of the country. Initially, the museum was created not as the “depository of antiquities” – we don’t have them; we are just 35 years old, - but as the place where we can fix significant events of the university’s life or of your personal life.

Plans are being made, new projects are being prepared, in which we would like you to take part – we will make the history together, because it helps to hold in the memory everything that serves as the construction material for the worthy future.


The university’s museum is situated on the second floor of the main building and works every day from Monday till Friday.

The museum director – Maksimovskih Elena

e-mail: elena.maksimovskih@rsvpu.ru


When is the institution of higher education ready to open a museum in the name of itself? Probably, it is ready from the moment when it admits its progress in comparison with other institutions, its competitiveness. The museum of RSVPU exists from the 2006: at this time the university already have had the status of Russian and occupied an important position in the structure of vocational education not only of the city, but also of the country.


What the museum of educational institution should be like? The university is just 35 years old, and that’s why there is no cause to organize the “depository of antiquities”, but there’s one to create the place, where any important event of the university’s life can be fixed. The graduate of the interior design department of 2006 Ekaterina Drachnikova has made the project, and the university realized it.


For whom does the museum function? It functions for the applicants, here they can learn about the level of specialists the university graduates, and how the career of the graduates develops; for the students and graduates, here the first-year students can have an image of the predecessors’ achievements and make their own aims. Here the portfolios of the excelled ones are kept, those who succeeded in something are rewarded, and the value of the diploma is defined. The museum also functions for teachers – their achievements are demonstrated here for broad audience, and for guests from other cities of Russia and abroad – in the museum the experience of organization of the unique specialists’ training is concentrated.


How does the museum work? Now we can say that the museum of RSVPU history has the system of work on popularization of achievements of professorial and teaching staff, students, and graduates. There are achievements in different spheres: research, international, social, extra educational and others.


And what is next? It is creation and realization of the virtual version of the museum, and new projects with the support of the team of loving and appreciating their alma mater people and certificated students from different faculties of RSVPU.