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  • 2021

  • RSVPU students told over nationalities

    Who wore clothes made of fish-skin? The name of which nation translates as "real people"? What is the second largest nation in the Russian Federation? The answers to these and other questions students tried to find at cross-national game "Peace to the world!" which was dedicated to Constitution Day.

  • RSVPU invites to participate in an International competition

    It was organized by RSVPU Faculty of Philology and International communication within the grant of Ministry of Enlightenment of the Russian Federation. First stage which was held online started on the 5th of November.

  • Days of German dual vocational education

    On December 11, 2020, the RSVPU hosted an international scientific and practical conference in an online format, completing the series of events "Days of German dual vocational education in the Urals".

  • 2020

  • The regional project “Carousel of culture 2020” has started

    A grand opening of a regional seminar “Carousel of culture 2020” has happened in “Moskovskaya Gorka” Hotel.It was opened by a dance created by team of Activity school. The seminar was held in Yekaterinburg for the first time, supported by Federal Youth Policy Agency “Rosmolodezh”.

  • RSVPU students took part in International Youth Camp “Dialogue”

    On 22-28th of November in Kaluga Oblast based in ethnographic park-museum “Ethnomir” an event called International Youth Camp “Dialogue” took place. During this event, 100 participants from all over the world met each other.

  • PRC student finished a year internship in RSVPU

    Ning Weili, a student from People's Republic of China, in accordance with the Russian Federation government decree of October, 8, 2013 'About a quota for education of foreign citizens and stateless persons in Russian Federation' did an internship in Russian language in our university from October, 7, 2019 to August, 6, 2020.

  • "Impulse" became the laureate of the first degree

    Dance team "Impulse" of RSVPU finished its eighth dancing season with participating in "The 2nd multi-genre festival-contest "Avantgarde", achieving the first degree in nomination "Choreography (contemporary)" with their performance "On the net".

  • Teacher is nominated for a grant of the President

    A teacher from Department of German philology, Volkova Lidiya Evgenyevna graduated from a bachelor program of Department of German philology "Translation in vocational communication" (44.03.03 Professional education) in 2019 and educated an extra professional program of GF department, "Translating and translation studies".

  • The 1st week of submission of documents has ended

    In 2020 Reception campaign has several features to be noticed especially.

  • "Impulse" - the laureate of the first degree

    "The international festival of the art of children and youth "Europe-Asia" was held online on the 12th of June. Dance team "Impulse" of RSVPU became the laureate of the first degree in nomination "Contemporary dance", "team", with their performance "On the net".

  • A 7th scientific conference was held in Moscow

    On the 5th of June 2020 an online annual conference was held in Moscow. The event was supported by Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation. The Department of Russian and foreign languages (head of the department, Alyona Alexandrovna Evtyugina and docent of the Department Ilya Georgievitch Goncharenko) took part in the conference.

  • 1st year of education in Yandex.Lyceum of RSVPU

    The first year of studying in Yandex.Lyceum, based on RSVPU (Yekaterinburg), finished successfully for 21 students, who will start their second year in September. Distance learning has not become the problem for the ones, who sincerely wished to learn how to program using Python. This programming language is widely used in IT sphere, especially in mechanic learning and machine intelligence. Python is used as a convenient device for developers of a higher school, being the best one for the scientific researches.

  • Conference of the German philology department

    A compilation of materials of XVIII Science conference 'Actual problems of philology and methodology of teaching foreign languages', based on German philology department of RSVPU came out on 16th of April, 2020. The compilation contains abstracts of articles and articles written by teachers from Russian schools and universities, students and teachers of the departments of German philology, reflecting their scientific research in the field of education and vocational training, methods of teaching foreign languages, linguistics, translation and intercultural communication.

  • International translating contest

    International translating contest, dedicated to the Victory day, was held by South Ural State University together with State Historical Museum of South Ural among linguistic specialties during April and May, 2020.

  • There is a language landing now in RSVPU

    With the support of the university administration the program for support and development of language literacy among the representatives of the Young Scientist Council was created.

  • An RSVPU student Eva Sutyagina got a second place

    Since 20th to 26th of February it was the 8th time that Russian open campaign: a dictation held in German «Tolles Diktat» created by initiative of Russian Association of Germans to popularise the German language and to develop a culture of literate writing in German.

  • 2018

  • Capacity Building in Higher Education Erasmus+

    The RSVPU’s team, as a partner of international consortiums, has once again won a grant competition Capacity Building in Higher Education Erasmus + funded by the Executive Agency of European Commissions.

  • Chronicles of the 4th transnational meeting within the RUECVET project

    Prof. L. N. Skakovskaya, rector of the Tver State University, and prof. I.D. Lelchitsky, director of the Institute of pedagogical education and social technologies of TvSU, opened on July 10, 2018, a regular meeting of the team of the RUECVET project, co-funded by Erasmus+ programme.

  • New activity labelled “ErasmusPRO”

    It is very promising for our perspectives and project sustainability. Please read a short article by Dana-Carmen BACHMANN, Head of Unit VET, Apprenticeships & Adult Learning, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, European Commission.

  • Report on Russian VET system is available on QP

    If you’d like to know more about what are Russian competitive advantages in VET, please read our review report on the environment for ECVET implementation in Russia.

  • 2017

  • RSVPU project started at the Biennale in Brussels

    The Biennale of 2017, held on November 27-28 and dedicated to Jean Monnet projects of the Erasmus + program, attracted 354 participants and nearly 60 speakers from all over the world.

  • The discuss of the prospects of MOOCs

    November, 14-15 2017, Professor Vitaly Kopnov, RSVPU, and Professor Маrk Brown, National Institute for Digital Learning DCU, with representatives of Russian Universities during a two-day seminar “Development of National Platform for Open On-Line Courses on Quality Assurance, Implementation and Accreditation” discussed at Moscow City University the perspectives of MOOCs in Russia and worldwide.

  • 2015

  • The memory fire will not fade

    In honor of the 70th anniversary of the victory in the Great World War a huge number of mass events directed on the patriotic education were taking place all across Russia. One of such events in Yekaterinburg was action "The memory fire", which took place on 8th of May.

  • World Skills standards

    The following students competed for the status of the best one in their profession and earned awards: 1st place - Alfred Marvanov, OK-213, competence: "Video editing" 1st place - Angelica Khazieva, OK-203, competence: "Hairdresser skill" 2nd place - Danil Firsov, TO-301, competence: "Engineering design CAD" 3rd place - Vera Goncharova, ZR-213, competence: "Video editing" 3rd place - Marina Bryukhanova, KM-507, competence: "Training officer"

  • Elaboration of innovational education products

    The other day the rector of Russian State Vocational Pedagogical University Dorozkin Evgeny was presented with the final variant of methodical complex “PRINC” for training of welders by the leader of the project Lyzhin Anton.

  • Students are winners of Innovational Diving 2015

    The RSVPU students Elena Malikova, Kristina Nedumova, Ekaterina Krotova and Ekaterina Kholopova became the winners of annual project contest “Innovational Diving”, which took place on 9-12th April in Ural Federal University.