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The first year of education in Yandex.Lyceum of RSVPU has finished

Congratulations to teachers, students and their parents! The first year of their education is finished!

Another year has finished. It is the best time to analyze what happened to you, to remember the fascinating, interesting and memorable moments, interesting meetings and events and to remember only positive emotions and positive mood. I wish you to use everything that you have learned in Yandex.Lyceum of RSVPU in your future life and that it would make you a good profit. Let that knowledge grow further. Be yourself, don’t be afraid of troubles and then you will definitely reach the greatest heights.

RSVPU rector, Evgeniy Mikhailovitch Dorozhkin


Congratulations on ending an academic year! A year has already passed in Yandex.Lyceum of RSVPU, backing in plenty of impression. You have become smarter, older, more independent. I wish you to go the way of life bravely, achieving the goals you have set! Make the knowledge you have gained in Yandex.Lyceum of RSVPU help you to overcome all the difficulties and to achieve your goals and dreams. Remember, that you should always continue your personal development!

Coordinator of Yandex.Lyceum of RSVPU

Head of the Institute of continuous studying, Lomovtseva Natalya Viktorovna

The first year of studying in Yandex.Lyceum, based on RSVPU (Yekaterinburg), finished successfully for 21 students, who will start their second year in September.

Distance learning has not become the problem for the ones, who sincerely wished to learn how to program using Python. This programming language is widely used in IT sphere, especially in mechanic learning and machine intelligence. Python is used as a convenient device for developers of a higher school, being the best one for the scientific researches.

RSVPU masters, Alexander Sosnin and Alexander Ovsyannikov are the teachers in Yandex.Lyceum. They both managed to complete the competition and studying program in «Yandex». They both have a real experience of programming. Plenty of students in Yandex.Lyceum of RSVPU say, that they would not complete their education there if not for them.

Galtsova Alisa and Gerasimov Mikhail became the best students, who showed excellent academic results.

Zaremba Sergey, Tkachenko Nikita, Chernyakov Matvey and Sapryigin Igor have also showed excellent results.

The second year of studies will enlighten the prospective of industrial programming: chat-bots’ development, game development, development of mobile quests and other creative projects will show them the new and great world. After finishing the program, children can become interns or junior-developers.

According to the words of Marina Suslova, the supervisor of the project, and Alexander Pavolotskiy, the main methodist, the developers of the curriculum would like the course to be up-to-date, difficult and interesting. So it includes themes like: block chain, cryptocurrency, games, etc. The course is far away beyond the school curriculum. The founders found not teaching students the programming language important, but also giving them to get what is it to be a developer and how it happens in a real situation.

Students’ parents highlighted the interest of their children in a project:

«My daughter gladly attends Yandex.Lyceum. With the help of the lessons, she easily deals with informatics State Exam tasks».

«Our child progressed a lot. Thanks to the Lyceum! My son is now thinking of a career in programming».

Students themselves appreciate the fact they enrolled Lyceum:

«I am inspired by my future career – I decided to become a developer».

«Thanks to the knowledge, you enter the society with cool and smart people».

The first students started studying in Yandex.Lyceum of RSVPU in 2019. From 44 candidates, 2 groups consisting of 15 people were formed.

Teaching students the basics of programming is the base task of Yandex.Lyceum philosophy. Educational programs are made by Yandex since 2007, on a school, college and university levels. For professional developers meetups, workshops and conferences are held. Yandex involves a high range of people into It-culture. Nevertheless, it is still important to understand that education of high class programmers should start as early as possible.

(A gratitude to Dorozhkin E.M., the rector of RSVPU, and to the colleagues Lomovtseva N.V., Ovsyannikov A.E., Sosnin A.S. from the head of the project, Suslova M.V. for their cooperation.)