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A 7th scientific conference 'Russian language and problems of social and cultural adaptation of foreign citizens in Russia' was held in Moscow

On the 5th of June 2020 an online annual conference was held in Moscow. The event was supported by Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation.

The Department of Russian and foreign languages (head of the department, Alyona Alexandrovna Evtyugina and docent of the Department Ilya Georgievitch Goncharenko) took part in the conference

Since 2013 RUDN University is the main platform for experts to the consideration of  urgent issues of the use of educational tools for foreign citizens, the organization of their adaptation and integration into Russian society, the exchange of best regional practices and the generalization of scientific achievements in this field.

Not only Russian educators took part in the conference, but also their colleagues from Germany, France, Cyprus, Korea, Uzbekistan and other foreign countries.