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An RSVPU student Eva Sutyagina got a second place in «Tolles Diktat – 2020». Congratulations!

Since 20th to 26th of February it was the 8th time that Russian open campaign: a dictation held in German «Tolles Diktat» created by initiative of Russian Association of Germans to popularise the German language and to develop a culture of literate writing in German.

Campaign was held during February, 20-26 and was coincided with International Mother Language Day created by UNESCO in 1999 and celebrated on February, 21.

In Yekaterinburg «Tolles Diktat-2020» was held in an open-space in the great hall of Sverdlovsk Oblast's Library for Children and Youth named after V.P. Krapivin. The contestants were doing the text leveled A2.

The freshmen of RSVPU took part in it.

On March, 20 we got the results of this campaign.

This year more than 67 thousand people from 8 countries took part in Russian open campaign «Tolles Diktat-2020» - twice the previous year numbers. The most active region was Novosibirsk Oblast, the winners of the campaign, who made the least mistakes, became 10734 people.

RSVPU student Eva Sutyagina from PR-101 got the second place in «Tolles Diktat» in A2 nomination and got a diploma.

Participants' certificates were given to Artyom Ulitin and Anna Okhapkina from PR-101; Dmitry Fufarov and Sergey Yung from MS-101.

We are wishing you future success in learning languages! Assistant professor of Department of Russian and foreign languages, Albrekht N.V.