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RSVPU successfully completed a pilot project on elaboration of innovational education products for training of working staff for machine-building factories

The other day the rector of Russian State Vocational Pedagogical University Dorozkin Evgeny was presented with the final variant of methodical complex “PRINC” for training of welders by the leader of the project Lyzhin Anton.


We should remind that the project started in September 2013 and was being realized under the scientific guidance of pro-rector on scientific work Kopnov Vitaly in collaboration with SEI “Study Center of the Uralmash factory”. The object of the project was providing SEI “Study Center of the Uralmash Factory” with the methodical complex for training of working staff for the welding fabrication JSC “Uralmash factory” in the sphere of use of the new high-tech equipment.


As the partner of the project also acted Technological Center “Tena”, which on terms of the agreement of free use passed to the university’s workshop the newest welding devices of the company Fronius. Besides, specialists of the center actively participated in elaboration of methodical complex by consulting the project team about questions of the specific of work on the modern welding equipment and use of the advanced welding technologies.


In July 2014 the project took first place in the contest “Minute of technique fame”, which took place within international industrial exhibition “Innoprom” and got the support of Sverdlovsk region governor Evgeny Kuivashev.


It is notable that on realization of the project worked a team, consisting of representatives from almost all the structural departments of the university. The most active part took students and staff of:

  • Machine-building faculty (departments of metallurgy, welding fabrication and methodic of vocational education); 
  • Faculty of power industry and informatics; 
  • Department of integrated communications and branding; 
  • Educational and methodical association of teachers of professional education.


Today the methodical complex “PRINC”  is a unique educational program, directed on highly specialized practically oriented training of high-qualified workers for concrete device or working place. In complete set of the methodical complex are:

  • tutorials consisting of step-by-step comments and illustrations about specific of setting, setup and work on a concrete device; 
  • teaching films, demonstrating the specific of training and service of the equipment, and also showing peculiarities of accomplishment of the basic work operations; 
  • virtual 3D posters, allowing to understand the construction of examined equipment and to model a real technological progress on-line; 
  • interactive tests.


The main advantages of the elaborated educational product:


For the leader of machine-building factory:

  • orienting of the teaching programs to the peculiarities of a concrete production and a concrete working place;
  • opportunity to begin the process of making working competences necessary for developing of the new equipment simultaneously with the beginning of its introduction;
  • reduction of temporary costs for staff training;
  • preparing of workers directly on the working place without interruption of the production;
  • reduction of material costs for staff training.


For the worker:

  • individual approach and individual trajectory of study for ever worker (dependin on the qualification level); 
  • comprehensible language of study material; 
  • during the post-study period is used as a manual for a worker.


Evgeny Mikhailovich highly appreciated the work done by the project team, noting a special importance and urgency of such methodical complex in contemporary social and economical conditions, and also expressed his hope to further development of this course in our university.