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Dance team "Impulse" of RSVPU became the laureate of the first degree

Dance team "Impulse" of RSVPU finished its eighth dancing season with participating in 'The 2nd multi-genre festival-contest 'Avantgarde', achieving the first degree in nomination 'Choreography (contemporary)' with their performance 'On the net'.

We are now resting to be on the same level in our next season.

In addition, we are grateful to RSVPU rector Evgeniy Mikhailovitch Dorozhkin for giving us the opportunity to participate in various contests of different levels in cities all over Russia.

Moreover, to Yelena Viktorovna Zaytseva and Alexander Iosifovitch Polyakov for their support.

We, #Impulsive, wish you the best!

Team leader, Mineeva N.V.