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Students and teachers of German philology departure took part in International translating contest

International translating contest, dedicated to the Victory day, was held by South Ural State University together with State Historical Museum of South Ural among linguistic specialties during April and May, 2020.

50 RSVPU students from 1th year to the 4th took part in it. All of them master the programs ‘Translation in vocational communication’ and ‘Education in foreign language’. Contestants created a translation of an article from the years of war from English into Russian.

The preparation for the contest was supervised by teachers of German philology departure: Fominyikh M.V., Uskova B.A., Vetlugina N.O., Luzyanina T.V., Volkova L.Y., Chekletsova Y.I.

Organisation committee granted the contestants and their supervisors for participating in the project.