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PRC student finished a year internship in RSVPU

Ning Weili, a student from People's Republic of China, in accordance with the Russian Federation government decree of October, 8, 2013 'About a quota for education of foreign citizens and stateless persons in Russian Federation' did an internship in Russian language in our university from October, 7, 2019 to August, 6, 2020.

According to the curriculum she had lessons of all of the sections of Russian: lexics, writing, grammar, reading, listening, linguistic social studies and methodics of teaching Russian as a foreign language, Russian literature and Russian pedagogy.

During the year Ning Weili was taught by high-qualified teachers of our university: Philolgy PhD O.B. Akimova (curator of Ning Weili), Pedagogy PhD A.A. Evtyugina, Pedagogy PhD N.K. Chapaev, Pedagogy PhD V.A. Chupina, Pedagogy PhD I.M. Kondyurina.

All of the teachers highlighted her dedication, diligence, fairness, discipline, accuracy and activeness in the approach to studying sessions. She always did her homework and classroom assignments fully, asked extra questions.

During her studies Ning Weili showed that she was an amiable, life-loving, independent person; she made friends among students, who helped her to take part in extra-curriculum activities, students' events and taught her everyday conversational Russian, which expanded her knowledge. Before the pandemic Ning Weili took part in plenty of students' events, attended theatres and museums, which also expanded her knowledge about our country and our language. During self-isolation Ning Weili fully followed the precautionary measures made by Russian government.

Head of the faculty of training and professional development of scientific resources of RSVPU,

Pedagogy PhD, Olga Borisovna Akimova

On the picture: PRC student Ning Weili and RSVPU rector Evgeniy Mikhailovitch Dorozhkin