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Report on Russian VET system is available on Qualifications Platform ETF

Teacher in a classroom, ‘Good morning! Who knows the English alphabet?’

Vovochka says, ‘I know.’ Vovochka is a son of a programmer.

Teacher, ‘Well, call letters in order.’


At first glance, Vovochka made a mistake. However, it is not so silly to confuse principles of alphabet creation — he offered his own solution and vision for the base of communication. Russia is a country where many kids are fond of computers, smartphones, tablets and other gadgets. The stream to make inroads into the world of computing, to be strong in software are highly appreciated by Russian wider society and supported by Russian VET systems. Please look at the result of WorldSkills competition 2017 at Abu Dhabi where totally Russia took the 5th place in a team competition. Underline that the highest ranks were achieved in Software Solutions for Business, Web Design andDevelopment, Mobile Robotics, IT Network Systems Administration, Digital Game Art. Of course, Russian college students and young professionals showed excellence in other skill competitions – Jewellery, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Visual Merchandising, Heavy Vehicle Maintenance, Freight Forwarding.  The strong motivation in skills development is supported by the advanced system of vocational education and training. If you’d like to know more about how these results were achieved and what is Russian competitive advantages in VET, please read our review report on the environment for ECVET implementation in Russia. Russian VET students will get soon the ECVET tool for their academic mobility.

Please welcome Russian VET students. 

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