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The RSVPU project on ‘European policy and practice of Work-based learning in Vocational Education and Training’ started on 27-28 November, 2017, at the Biennale in Brussels

The Biennale of 2017, held on November 27-28 and dedicated to Jean Monnet projects of the Erasmus + program, attracted 354 participants and nearly 60 speakers from all over the world. Jean Monnet's program aims to increase knowledge of European integration processes through teaching, research and debate on topics related to the history, politics, economy and legislation of the European Union, as well as EU relations with other regions of the world. The program of Jean Monet is intended exclusively for higher educational institutions. 

RSVPU began participating in this program from 2015, when 1 application for funding was submitted. Unfortunately, the first attempt to meet the captious requirements of experts assessing the quality of the application for participation in the program failed. The experience of the first failure was taken into account, and our university in 2016 already submitted 8 applications, but also unsuccessfully. It became clear that the number and variety of topics does not allow achieving the required level of the quality for obtaining a grant. Some RSVPU teachers decided not to surrender and in 2017 they submitted only 3 applications, but of better quality. As a result, one of the applications devoted to the discussion and applicability of the best European practices in vocational education and training (VET)  in Russia was recognized as very worthy for the support of the Erasmus + program. 

The RSVPU team - Associate Prof. MA. Dremina and Associate Prof. O.V. Shmurygina, guided by Prof. V.A. Kopnov compiled this attractive application, the launch of which began in Brussels at the Biennale, which in effect became the kick-off meeting. We hope that the timely started project will be successful in 3 years. The execution of the project is planned just for this period. We invite all teachers and interested parties to participate in the project.