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RSVPU students took part in International Youth Camp “Dialogue”

On 22-28th of November in Kaluga Oblast based in ethnographic park-museum “Ethnomir” an event called International Youth Camp “Dialogue” took place. During this event, 100 participants from all over the world met each other.

During the camp, participants worked in region's teams to create projects on the subject of intercultural dialogue. On the sessions which lasted for all 5 days, students and organisation's staff created their projects in parts. Apart from teams build up by Russian regions, there also was an international team, consisted of foreign students of universities in Russia.

A team of Russian State Vocational-Pedagogical University consisted of four members: Sergey Sbitnev, Tatyana Masekova, Maria Lobodenko and Daria Minyazova. Students worked as a part of the Ural Federal Okrug's team, creating a project of repairing the region's cultural code. The project will be realised on the base of International Relation Club 'Without Limits', created by Tatyana and Maria, with the support of United Council of Students and our university. Also the team will work on the realisation of the plan, created on 'Dialogue' by UrFO team.