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The RSVPU students are the winners of Innovational Diving 2015

The RSVPU students Elena Malikova, Kristina Nedumova, Ekaterina Krotova and Ekaterina Kholopova became the winners of annual project contest “Innovational Diving”, which took place on 9-12th April in Ural Federal University.


For the contest they presented two projects – “AntiDot(a)” and “Smart Conference”, which took 2 and 3 place accordingly in the nomination “IT-project”. All in all in the final of the project participated 16 teams from institutions of higher education of Sverdlovsk region.


“AntiDot(a)” is an innovational social project directed on increase of the effectiveness of state politics in the sphere of prevention of children’s addiction to computer and internet games. Innovation of the project consists in adaptation of the existing methodic of addiction detection to mobile phones. Also it offers services on giving recommendations to addicted ones and their parents, and on getting help from psychological services.


“Smart Conference” is a web-service on aggregating of conferences’ content with a possibility of automated participation in chosen conference. The project has a practical importance for research and methodical activity of any institution of higher education. Web-service offers a lot of options for users: automated carrying of transactions, checking of articles in anti-plagiarism, automatic distribution all along the service base and etc.


“Participation in elaboration of the innovational projects and our victory in the contest is a great experience, which gives us an opportunity to look on our activity from the different side and to understand our true interests”, thinks the leader of the project “Smart Conference” Kristina Nedumova.


“The event was great. We started to understand the project management better, there was a good feedback with the organizers – we got a lot of advice concerning increase of the project. On all the pre-defenses our team was in favorites, we didn’t got a little to the first place…” sais the leader of the project “AntiDot(a)” Elena Malikova.


RSVPU congratulates the young innovators and expresses gratitude to the pro-rector on scientific work Vitaly Kopnov and specialist of the international co-operation department Yakov Krotov for the help in elaboration of the projects and preparing  students to the contest.