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Department of German philology's teacher is nominated for a grant of the RF President and the Governor of Sverdlovsk Oblast

A teacher from Department of German philology, Volkova Lidiya Evgenyevna graduated from a bachelor program of Department of German philology 'Translation in vocational communication' (44.03.03 Professional education) in 2019 and educated an extra professional program of GF department, 'Translating and translation studies'.

After finishing the university Lidiya Evgenyevna stayed at the department to teach the following disciplines: 'Practical course of English', 'Practical phonetics', 'Practical grammar', 'Foreign language' to the students, who study to become interpreters and teachers of English.

Lidiya Evgenyevna is also studying in RSVPU magister program 'Russian language as foreign' and in Yekaterinburg State Theatrical University bachelor program 'Literature art'.

As a student, Lidiya Evgenyevna started doing scientific researches. Now she, as a young scientist, has already wrote 9 scientific researches, including an article in English in foreign journal included into Scopus database with other GF department teachers. L.Y. Volkova takes part in scientific contests, Russian and international conferences on philology, lingvodidactics and translating studies. She is granted a diploma for the best report, a diploma of the winner of the All-Russian Olympic.

During her studying years, L.Y. Volkova was an activist of our university. She was a part of Student council of Institute of PPE, Tutors of RSVPU, Russian union of youth of RSVPU, was the head of Russian union of youth of RSVPU. During being in that position she created several events, the best of which she thinks are 'Rock over RSVPU' (which evolved into 'Red and Black' and is a musical festival), 'Verlibr of RSVPU' (a poetic contest). She was one of the organizers and participants of Educational project 'Training day', has a gratitude for her contribution into that project.

Nowadays Lidiya Evgenyevna Volkova heads the scientific and artificial activities of students of the department of German philology, she is granted a diploma for training her students for taking part in conference and gratitude for training students to take part in an international translating contest. She is also a tutor of freshmen.