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The first week of submission of documents in RSVPU has ended

In 2020 Reception campaign has several features to be noticed especially.


Methods of submitting documents and consent for admission (consent is submitted in the same way as documents):

  1. Online, using the electronic information system of the university (if the applicant submits documents to college, bachelor programs, master programs and doctoral degree programs with additional entrance examinations (EE)).
  2. Using the super-service 'Online admission to the university' trhough the federal state information system 'Unified portal of state and municipal services (functions)' (super-service). If a future student graduated 11th year and enters through general competition, without benefits, he submits documents for educational programs whic EEs are considered to be only the results of the State exam.
  3. Through public mail service providers.


State-funded places are formed according to educational programs (individual competitive groups):

  1. Separately for full-time and part-time studies.
  2. Separately for the ones who are under the target agreement.
  3. Separately for special categories of citizens (privilege).
  4. Separately for the general competition.
  5. Separately for paid places.


The technology of admission can be represented as the following. Each stage takes place on time.

  1. To decide on the educational programs.
  2. To submit an application for admission and documents to the university through the State Service portal (Gosuslugi) or through a personal account on the web page.
  3. To check the list of applicants on the website of the RSVPU.
  4. To pass entrance examinations (EE), if there are any. All EEs are in remote form, the EE schedule will appear on the web page until July 15.
  5. To track the lists of applicants on the website of the Russian State Pedagogical University.
  6. Within the established time, submit consent for admission to a specific university for a specific educational program (1 consent to 1 program in 1 university).
  7. To observe the competitive list of applicants.
  8. To be acquainted with the order for admission for education.


Documents (scans) required for admission:

  • identity document (page with the photo and registration page);
  • education document;
  •  the reverse side of the application (separately for HE - higher education and separately for STR - college);
  • documents confirming the status of the applicant or benefits (privileges);
  • documents (copies) confirming individual achievements (except for excellent students);
  • target education agreement, etc.


Entrance exams are held in the remote form and have several features:

  1. An additional entrance test (conducted by the university) for college graduates in the specialized program is replaced by an interview.
  2. Professional test provided for certain programs (information technology, standards, foreign language, computer test, interviews, etc.).
  3. Creative test (drawing and composition, musical literature).