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The perspectives of MOOCs were discussed by Prof. Vitaly Kopnov, RSVPU, with Mark Brown, DCU, and other representatives of Russian universities at Moscow City University

November, 14-15 2017, Professor Vitaly Kopnov, RSVPU, and Professor Маrk Brown, National Institute for Digital Learning DCU, with representatives of Russian Universities during a two-day seminar “Development of National Platform for Open On-Line Courses on Quality Assurance, Implementation and Accreditation” discussed at Moscow City University the perspectives of MOOCs in Russia and worldwide.

Even in developed countries, such as the U.S.A., where capacity to meet demand is less problematic, the costs of HE have reached crisis point with unprecedented levels of debt. Thus there is a moral imperative for exploring the potential of new models of online learning, as equitable access to education is a basic human right.

The very useful ideas were outlined concerning e-portfolio and what is the essence of a curriculum of a modern university.  In this context, the term curriculum is used to define: (i) why, (ii) what, (iii) when, (iv) where, (v) how, and (vi) with whom to learn.  A portfolio is a collection of evidence that is gathered together to show a person’s learning journey over time and to demonstrate their abilities. Portfolios can be specific to a particular discipline, or very broadly encompass a person’s lifelong learning. Many different kinds of evidence can be used in a portfolio: samples of writing, both finished and unfinished; photographs; videos; research projects; observations and evaluations of supervisors, mentors and peers; and reflective thinking about all of these.