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The memory fire won't fade

In honor of the 70th anniversary of the victory in the Great World War a huge number of mass events directed on the patriotic education were taking place all across Russia. One of such events in Yekaterinburg was action «The memory fire», which took place on 8th of May.

A huge number of students from different institutions of higher education of the city, including RSVPU, walked along Lenin avenue holding candles, symbolizing a small part of a heart. All the people were parted in groups according to the years of war: 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944, and 1945. Depending on the column in which year the students went, they carried tablets with the names of the heroes and the words that reflect the events of the period. The procession went on to Plotinka, where all the «years» stood in order. On the stage with the impressive decorations, some touching songs were sung; the songs, which horripilate, and emotions fully creep over you; songs about how mother sees her son off to this horrible war knowing no mercy. At the same time photos and videos about front-line soldiers, rear and plant workers, about hospital employees who saved so many lives were broadcasted on the screen. The statistics says, that much more Russian wounded soldiers returned to the rear than German ones. Simultaneously with the happening on the stage process, students made the word «Victory» of candles. The victory that cost Russian people millions of lives. 

The volunteer center of RSVPU didn't stand aside this great event. Students decided to help the organizers of the action with joy, they tried to coordinate and respond to the emerging questions. Paying tribute in memory to those who provided with the peaceful sky above is the duty of each citizen in our great country. They fought with the fear every step, they believed they could overcome difficulties and come up to the victory! And we should care about those veterans, who came back from the war, and make us happy being here in peaceful time!