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The regional project “Carousel of culture 2020” has started

A grand opening of a regional seminar “Carousel of culture 2020” has happened in “Moskovskaya Gorka” Hotel.

It was opened by a dance created by team of Activity school. The seminar was held in Yekaterinburg for the first time, supported by Federal Youth Policy Agency “Rosmolodezh”. Russian State Vocational-Pedagogical University was among the organisators of the project, teamed up with team of soft-skills trainers from National Council of Youth and Children Associations, Association of Trainers of Russian Union of Youth and other experts on the topic of intercultural dialogue.

An opening word was held by a rector of Russian State Vocational-Pedagogical University, Evgeniy Mikhailovitch Dorozhkin. Then, the other important organisators were brought to the scene:

  • Lyzhin Anton Igorevich, vice-rector of scientific, innovational politics, outer bonds, candidate of pedagogic sciences;
  • Komyak Karina Konstantinovna, the head of the Project-managment sector of RSVPU, the director of 'Carousel of culture';
  • Popova Olga Vasilyevna, the vice-president of National Council of Youth and Children Associations.

Organisators explained the rules to the participants of the project, introduced the trainers and experts, which were sharing their experience with them for four days.

After the opening ceremony, the educational program began. The first day was dedicated to:

  • networking, which brought the participants into pairs and micro-groups for the specific topics, educated them in the topic of self-presentation and where participants shared their contacts with each other;
  • panel discussion on the topic 'International youth cooperation as a key form of diplomacy', where experts of the seminar, Olga Popova and Diana Fazlitdinova talked to the partiicpants about the actual questions: directions of work and law base of international youth communication, interactions with other countries, possibilities of positioning yourself during international projects;
  • evening event, where participants could relax for a while after a hardworking day.