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International cooperation

Purpose: promoting international collaboration between universities and RSVPU.



1. Integration of RSVPU and worldwide community to improve the national qualification system and quality of life. 

2. Develop and support credit mobility of students and staff mobility.

3. ECVET implementation for increasing cross-border cooperation in education and training.

4. Personal development and mutual understanding for the cultural interaction.

5. Ensuring recognition of the university as an active player in education and research.


Development directions:

1. Development of international educational and research projects.

2. Expansion of the partner network abroad.

3. Promotion of the Education and Science Journa.

4. Capacity Building, Mobility and Jean Monnet activities within Erasmus + programme.


For cooperation:

Vitaly Kopnov – Advisor

Mashinostroitelei street 11, Yekaterinburg, 620012
Phone/Fax: + 73433827029

E-mail: vitalij.kopnov@rsvpu.ru