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Education in foreign language (English)

Faculty of foreign languages

Course “Pedagogical education”

Profile Education in foreign language (English)

Degree Bachelor

Duration 4 years (full-time), 3.5 year (part-time)

Within the vocational training students of Foreign languages department study the following disciplines:

  • Introduction into linguistics 
  •  History of the language 
  •  Lexicology 
  •  Theoretical grammar 
  •  Stylistics 
  •  Linguistic and area studies 
  •  Practical course of foreign language 
  •  Second foreign language 
  •  Theory and practice of translation 
  •  Foreign literature, etc.

Spheres of future vocational activity

A lot of our graduates successfully work in linguistic centers, schools, colleges and institutions of higher education. Some of them find a job in organizations requiring knowledge in foreign languages for international contacts and negotiations with their foreign partners.

The graduates of Foreign languages department showing a peculiar interest and capabilities, are able to continue studying for master degree in one of pedagogical or philological specializations.  

Translation and abstracting in vocational communication