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Science and innovations

  • Research centre of Russian Academy of Education based in RSVPU
  • Office of scientific researches
  • Publishing company
  • Magazine ‘Education & science’
  • Competitions, funds, grants
  • Scientific-publication activities
  • Scientific centres, laboratories, small innovative enterprises
  • Scientific schools of RSVPU
  • International activities
  • Scientific-technical council
  • Dissertational council
  • Council of young scientists

Information about directions and results of scientific activity and research base for its accomplishment

(343) 221-19-46
Department of research work
Ushenin Viktor

(343) 221-19-16
Dissertation board

There are 2 scientific-educational centres, 1 scientific centre, 3 scientific-educational laboratories. Development of recommendations for main directions of scientific researches is made by Scientific-technical council.

In 2019 RSVPU does researches because of:

  • a project of a state mission by Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Russian Federation;
  • grants of Russian fund of fundamental researches;
  • state contract with an organization of our region.

The main percent of scientific researches is made for solving actual social and economical problems of Ural region.

To develop and stimulate scientific researches among parts of our university, annual competitions such as ‘The best branch of RSVPU in scientific work’ are held to complete the top of departments and institutes of our university.

The main forms of curriculum and extra curriculum scientific researches among students are: working in scientific organizations and art groups, taking part in preparation and organization of retreats, an event called ‘Days of scientific art of young people’, taking part in scientific conferences, other events connected with science, taking part in scientific-technological exhibitions, etc.