11 Mashinostroiteley str.
Ekaterinburg, 620012
e-mail: mail@rsvpu.ru

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Institute of psychological-pedagogical education


  • Department of mathematics and science
  • Department of philosophy and arts
  • Department of professional pedagogy and psychology
  • Department of educational psychology and professional development
  • Department of physical education
  • Department of Russian and foreign languages
  • Department of German philology
  • Ural linguistic school
  • Centre of psychological-pedagogical maintenance of inclusive education

Head of the Institute of psychological-pedagogical education is Khasanova Irina Ivanovna

Phone number: (343) 221-46-33

E-mail: irina.hasanova@rsvpu.ru

Room: 0-331


Institute of humanitarian and social-economical education


  • Department of document studies, history and legal enforcement
  • Department of sociology and social work
  • Department of interior design
  • Department of style and image
  • Department of musical-computer technology, cinema and television
  • Department of management
  • Department of economics
  • Department of professional-economical education
  • Department of theory and methodic of physical education
  • Educational workshop of multimedia technologies
  • Scientific-methodical commission of Institute of HaSEE

Head of the institute of humanitarian and social-economical education is Tretyakova Natalia Vladimirovna.

Phone number: (343) 221-19-06

E-mail: nataliya.tretyakova@rsvpu.ru

Room: 2-502


Institute of engineering-pedagogical education


  • Department of engineering and professional education in mechanical engineering and metallurgy
  • Department of technology of mechanical engineering, certification and methodic of professional education
  • Department of energetic and transport
  • Department of information systems and technology
  • Training demonstrational centre of mechanical engineering technology
  • College of electric power industry and mechanical engineering

Head of the institute of engineering-pedagogical education is Chubarkova Yelena Vitalyevna.

E-mail: elena.chubarkova@rsvpu.ru

Room: 0-111



Institute of development of territorial systems of professional-pedagogical education

Head of this institute is Shakuto Yelena Alexandrovna.

Phone number: (343) 221-46-22

E-mail: elena.shakuto@rsvpu.ru

Room: 2-439

Vice-head is Sopegina Vera Terentyevna

E-mail: vera.sopegina@rsvpu.ru

Room: 2-439

Leading specialist (Educational platform ‘Mirapolis’): Kruglova Yuliya Petrovna

E-mail: juliya.kruglova@rsvpu.ru

Room: 2-441

Leading specialist: Shakirzyanova Yekaterina Grigoryevna

E-mail: katerina3505046@yandex.ru

Room: 2-439

Leading specialists:

Popova Darya Romanovna

E-mail: darya.popova@rsvpu.ru

Room: 2-313

Trofimova Tatyana Alexandrovna

E-mail: tatyana.trofimova@rsvpu.ru

Room: 2-435

Khabibullina Alyona Railyevna

E-mail: alena.habibyllina@rsvpu.ru

Room: 2-313


Institute of continuous studying

Room: 2-320

Phone number: 221-19-08

Web-page: http://ino.rsvpu.ru

Head of the institute is Lomovtseva Natalya Viltorovna

E-mail: natalya.lomovtseva@rsvpu.ru

Phone number: +7 (343) 221-19-08