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RSVPU students are winners in semi-final of the National championship on vocational skills based on World Skills standards

The following students competed for the status of the best one in their profession and earned awards:

1st place — Alfred Marvanov, OK-213, competence: «Video editing»

1st place — Angelica Khazieva, OK-203, competence: «Hairdresser skill»

2nd place — Danil Firsov, TO-301, competence: «Engineering design CAD»

3rd place — Vera Goncharova, ZR-213, competence: «Video editing»

3rd place — Marina Bryukhanova, KM-507, competence: «Training officer»

The semi-final of the championship took place on 6–9 of April in Ural Federal District. The participants competed in 41 competences; RSVPU had presented teams on 6 competences for the championship.

We express a special gratitude to Margarita Viktorovna Chapaeva, the manageress of the style and image department of the faculty of arts, and to Anna Valerievna Sokolova, student of the group UE-501 of the faculty of economics and management, for organization of the new presentational competence «Training officer». We thank Elena Alexeeva and Marina Bryukhanova for adequate presentation of this competence and introduction of RSVPU as a generator of new ideas for the championship. We remind that the winners of the semi-final of the national championship on vocational skills will be able to contest at all-Russian competition WorldSkills Russia-2015 numbering the Ural federal district team, which take place from 17 to 23 of May in Kazan.

We thank all the participants and organizers of the championship for initiative and purposefulness. We wish you new victories!